6 Signs It’s Time to Move to a Larger Home

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Finding the perfect home can be harder than expected. You want it to be in a location you like with features you love. You also want it to have enough space to accommodate your family and lifestyle. A house that does not have enough space to properly fit everyone and everything can be a terrible problem, leading to chaos and stress.

Are you wondering whether you and your family should move to a larger home? Here are some signs that will confirm that it’s time for a bigger home.

Your family is expanding

Does baby make 3, 4 or 5? Are your parents moving into your home so you can take care of them? Has the number of pets or roommates you have grown? No matter the reason, adding people to your home generally means you will need more space. More people means more stuff, more demands for the bathroom, more beds needed, and so on. In order to comfortably fit everyone in one place, the best solution is to move to a home that is large enough to accommodate everyone.

Your income has increased

The lower the income, the smaller your home will typically be. So if you manage to see an increase in how much money you have, it may mean it’s time to invest in a bigger place to live. Have you always dreamed of a roomy eat-in kitchen, or a large backyard for social gatherings or for your kids to play? With more money in the bank, you can afford to be more selective about where you live and what qualities your home has.

You started an in-home business

Running a business from your home has many great perks (you’re your own boss, for instance), but it will turn out to be a negative experience if you don’t have enough space in your home for it to operate.

To run an in-home business you will require an office or designated office space. Without it, you may find yourself conducting business at a communal spot, like the kitchen or dining room table. This will make it hard to stay organized and focus on your many required work tasks.

If your current home doesn’t have an extra room or area that you can use to run your new in-home business properly, then moving to a larger home is the optimal choice in order to make your new venture a success.

You have a new hobby

Just as you would need an extra room for an in-home office, you may also require more space in your home to indulge in a new hobby. For example, you may spend a great deal of time painting. With all of the paint, canvases, sketchbooks, and other supplies this sort of hobby requires, it is best to have a designated space to put forth your talents. This means you may need a larger home to accommodate your new favorite pastime.

Your quality of life is suffering

When you first moved into your current home, there was probably enough space, maybe even a little extra, for you to feel comfortable and content. But as time has passed, your nicely-sized home may have become a little cramped.

The longer you live somewhere, the more things you acquire – pets, books, furniture, children. Are you constantly tripping over piles of clothes because you don’t have enough closet space to store them all? Do your overnight guests have to sleep on an uncomfortable pull-out couch because you don’t have a guest room? Are your cats or dogs running circles around you because you don’t have a yard for them to play in? Less wiggle room can lead to a life of chaos and stress.

If your quality of life has taken a nosedive because your house is just too small, then the only way to truly solve this dilemma and make life sweet again is to upscale to a bigger home.

You don’t want to remodel

When you are in need of a bigger home, there are two ways to go about getting it: remodel your current home or move to a home that is larger. Remodels are a great way to add more space to your home without having to pack up and move. However, in some cases, remodeling your home can wind up being more costly than selling and moving to a larger house. It can also be a nightmare living in the midst of a construction zone. If you don’t want to undergo the time and stress of a home remodel, then the ultimate way to get the living space you need is to move to a home that already provides it.

Are you ready to move to a larger home? Then contact professional movers to help you with all your moving needs.

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