Moving can be a daunting activity, especially when you are relocating to a far place. This is why it is very important that you choose an effective moving company, as the movers will determine how smooth the packing and moving process will be. Movers are unlike any random service provider, like waiters. If the waiter places the wrong order for you, all he has to do is to change it. But if a mover does a pretty bad job packing, like drags your furniture against the floor, damages essential electronics, or packs different items in the wrong moving boxes, then you are sure to have one hell of a day unpacking. 

So you can see how essential they are, which is why you need to appreciate them even after you have paid for their services, especially when they have done an exceptional job. Although the movers aren’t going to just stick around your house waiting for you to tip them, it is generally believed that they did a bad job or you weren’t satisfied with their service if you don’t. So it is very important.

 The question now, is: “How much is enough?”

Since there is no specific tipping price, you can go with whatever you feel is suitable, or the regular 15 – 20% tipping price. Everything depends on you.   

Here are some factors to consider when tipping movers:

  • The physical and environmental conditions the move took place in: We all know that an effective moving process greatly depends on the condition of the weather. Moving items in the house is already hard enough as it is, so if the movers did their very best in freezing temperature, then it is important that you show appreciation. 
  • How difficult the move was: all houses are not the same. The moving strategies involved in moving items in a one bedroom apartment is very different from moving items in a four-bedroom apartment. Also, if you have an upstairs house that requires the movers to move up and down the stairs, or if you didn’t properly pack your belongings, so the movers went the extra mile to place them in boxes for you, or if you have to move out of your home in a short period of time, and the movers beat the mark, then it is very good that you acknowledge their hard work. 
  • The quality of service: Personal tastes vary, so if you think the movers did a great job based on what you saw, then you can provide a larger tip. Remember to tip each worker, no matter how small it is. Do not give the money to one person to distribute, as it may create chaos.


Yes. Apart from tipping, there are other ways to acknowledge their presence and appreciate a work well done. Even though it is not expected of you, it doesn’t hurt to do something extraordinary. Plus, you will able to build a good reputation for yourself in the company. 

  • Provide a cooler filled with cold drinks or water and snacks: As it was stated earlier, moving is a very stressful activity, so it will be nice if you provide cold drinks and snacks for the movers. 
  • Provide food: On a larger scale, you can also provide food for them, depending on the time of the day they are working. 
  • Give a good review of the moving company online: A good referral is worth more than silver or gold. So it is very good to leave a good online review of the moving company and tell your friends about them, so as to help the moving company grow and expand. 

The Ultimate Checklist for Efficient and Speedy Packing

Time-consuming? Check! Stressful? Oh yeah! Exhausting? Yawn… Very! Okay, so moving may not be the most thrilling experience, but there are ways to make it easier. All you have to do is take advantage of the packing checklist below that offers practical and logical tips to help you pack your home quickly and efficiently.

How to Pack Efficiently

Anyone can just throw their belongings into a box and slap some tape on top. But taking the time to pack efficiently will be well worth it. Not only will it make moving day more organized, but it will also make unpacking much easier. Here are some must-know tips for being an efficient packer.

  • Create an inventory of your entire home, and decide which items you will take with you and which ones you will leave behind. The less stuff you pack, the less money you will have to pay for supplies and transportation. Also, you won’t waste time packing things that you really don’t need or want.
  • Never underestimate the time required to pack your home for a move. So, start as early as possible to avoid the unavoidable buildup of moving stress.
  • Packing an entire house is a hard and near-impossible feat for one family, let alone one person. Ask for packing assistance from friends and professional packers to get the job done faster and more efficiently.
  • Request a list of non-allowables from your moving company in advance. This will ensure you don’t waste time and energy packing items that are forbidden from being transported (e.g., hazardous goods, explosive/flammable/corrosive substances, pets, plants, perishable foods).
How to Pack Quickly

No matter where you are moving (apartment, house, new office) or what type of move it is (local, intrastate), time is of the essence. Here are the top ways to pack quickly.

  • To be a quick packer, good organization is key. Create a customized and prioritized day-by-day packing calendar so you can make the most of the usable time you have before Moving Day arrives.
  • Use the pack-in-stages approach. This means packing a certain number of boxes every single day. Just make sure you stick to it!
  • Designate one specific room as your packing station. This will speed up the packing process considerably by allowing your other rooms to stay clutter-free and easily accessible throughout the most time-consuming pre-moving tasks.
  • Institute a master packing strategy to avoid wasted time on random and disorganized packing jobs. 1. Start with the toughest rooms to pack. 2. Pack items you use least before those you use most often. 3. Pack heavy/bulky items first.
  • Make an effort to stay focused. Keeping your concentration while packing will greatly speed up the moving process.
How to Pack Moving Boxes

If you’re going to move, you will need the ultimate packing supply – moving boxes! Purchase, or collect for free, a large number of cardboard boxes that are in good overall condition. You can get them directly from a local moving company or local businesses. While at it, go ahead and gather other must-have supplies – bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, scissors and markers.

Once you have all of your supplies, packing can begin. But before you start tossing things inside with no rhyme or reason, here are the best ways to fill those boxes.

  • For extra protection of your valuables from moving mishaps, lay a sheet or two of clean packing paper on the bottom of each box.
  • Reinforce the bottom of every box with a few lengths of high-quality packing tape. No matter how durable the moving box looks and feels, this will help eliminate the risk of accidental breakages.
  • Pay attention to the size of each box. Use small boxes for heavy items, such as books, and medium-large containers for lighter belongings, like pillows, blankets and stuffed animals.
  • Ensure you use filling and padding materials inside boxes. The better you pack any unused space with soft fillers, the more immobilized your items will be.
  • Clearly label all moving boxes. By marking the content, destination room and special handling instructions, you will save time, confusion and nerves.
  • Pack a special moving box – or maybe a few – with the daily essentials you will need post-move (toothbrush, toilet paper, some clothes, etc.). This will save you time and energy trying to track down important belongings within the mountain of sealed boxes looming around you.

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