Moving House: Tips to Get Motivated

When the decision to move house is made, you should immediately jump into action – planning, organizing, packing, etc. But with such a lengthy list of things to accomplish, getting motivated to do everything you need to do can be difficult. Unfortunately, the longer you put it off and time ticks away to moving day, the bigger the risk that you will encounter a stressful and problematic move. So how do you motivate yourself for the tasks ahead? By following the tips below!

Create and follow a packing checklist. Moving house requires taking care of a lot of different jobs, packing being one of the most difficult and time-consuming. How do I start? What do I pack first? All sorts of questions like these can slow you down. So before you become overwhelmed with similar questions , do this instead: create and follow a packing checklist. A packing checklist will serve as the ultimate guide to ensure you stay organized. A good checklist will tell you when and where to start packing for a move, as well as what items you should pack.

Click here for the ultimate packing checklist.

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Pack smart. One reason you may feel unmotivated to pack is due to a lack of organization. But now that you have created a moving checklist, you have the means to begin packing. Here are two tips to help you tackle this process:

  • Start ASAP. The best way to start packing for a move is to begin the process as early as possible. Waiting around will only lead to wasted time, more stress and a high risk of problems on moving day. Starting early is the best way to provide yourself with enough time to accurately sort and protect all of your belongings so they will make it from point A to point B.
  • Start with hardest-to-handle rooms. It may seem like starting with the easiesttopack rooms is the best way to get and keep yourself motivated during the packing process. But if you really think about it, knowing that you will eventually have to deal with these difficult spots later on can actually make the packing process difficult to even begin. For many, storage areas – the basement, garage, attic, spare rooms – are the most difficult to manage. Our suggestion is to pack the hardest areas of your home first, so you can knock them out of the way and focus on simpler tasks.
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Only pack what you need. When you start to box up your home for an upcoming move, you will begin to realize just how much stuff you actually own. Chances are, you will happen upon certain items in your home that you just don’t need or want anymore. Now is the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary belongings. Whether you sell, donate or trash them is totally up to you. How does ditching items help motivate you to prepare for your move? Well, the more things you get rid of, the less items you will have to pack. With fewer items to pack, the much more likely you will do it.

Along with boosting your moving motivation, having fewer possessions to pack also means:

  • Less time spent packing
  • Less money spent on packing materials
  • Less money spent on transporting your belongings

Reward yourself. If you are still having a hard time getting motivated to get ready for your home move, you may want to consider devising a reward system in exchange for your hard work. While you may be too old to bribe yourself with a piece of candy, there are other rewards that may get you to finally pack some boxes or sort and organize a set of drawers. Consider these:

  • If you pack your garage, you can go see a movie.
  • If you pack your kitchen, you can grab a meal at your favorite restaurant.
  • If you finish packing your entire home, you can book yourself a relaxing massage.

These rewards definitely sound worth the effort, don’t you think?

Ask for assistance. You can always hire professional movers to pack and transport your belongings. And this is definitely a wonderful way to reduce stress during a move. But it can also be costly. If you are opting for a DIY move, one of the best ways to get motivated to get the job done is to ask your friends for assistance. When asking your pals for help, here are some pointers:

  • Give your friends plenty of notice. This will show them that you respect their busy schedules.
  • Inform them of exactly what type of packing assistance you need and how much of their time you require. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Don’t judge them if they are unable or unwilling to help. All you can do is ask and hope for the best.

For all your moving needs, we can help! Contact us today for more information.

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