Moving with Kids: Mistakes to Avoid

Relocating to a new home is a big decision – especially if it involves moving your entire family. Make it easier for everyone, especially the kids, by avoiding these common moving mistakes.

Not Answering Questions

As a parent, you know very well that kids ask a lot of questions. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat vegetables? Why won’t my friends talk to me?

Along with the many questions they ask, kids are prone to worrying. This is especially true when change is imminent – like moving to a new house or city. It’s understandable if you don’t want to cause your children stress about moving. But a common mistake that parents can make is to avoid certain questions their kids have about moving.

You may feel that you are protecting your kids by not talking to them about the move ahead, but this tactic can actually cause more harm than good.

Sure, you don’t have to discuss with them every single detail of the move (how many boxes you’ll need, how much the movers you hire are, etc.), but covering the basics is a good choice.

So create time to answer the exuberant number of questions your children have about the move. Explain to them why the family is moving, when the move will happen, what they can bring with them. Openly discussing these things is the best way to help ease them into all of the changes they will need to endure during a home move.

Waiting Too Long to Tell Them

It makes sense not to worry your kids with news of a move before knowing if it will actually take place. But a mistake you definitely don’t want to make is waiting too long to tell them.

Springing a move on your kids at the last minute is guaranteed to cause them high amounts of stress and anxiety. Especially older kids and teens who will be leaving friends behind.

It will take your kids time to process the idea of moving, transition away from their current lifestyle and become excited about their new home. So be sure to tell them about the upcoming move well before moving day arrives.

Doing Everything Yourself

Certain tasks in life can easily be handled by you and you alone. Believe us when we say that moving is not one of them! Moving is hard. It requires lots of timeand energy, organization, planning and packing. Throw having kids into the mix and moving becomes much more diffi

cult. Do you really want to be carrying boxes of dishes or heavy furniture while trying to wrangle your kids at the same time? We didn’t think so!

Even if your kids are trying their best to be nice and helpful, being able to focus solely on making the moving transition smoother on your family will make things much easier.

So hire professional movers to deal with all of the heavy lifting and truck organization. Then you can put your attention on the most important thing you are moving – your children.

Letting Young Kids Help Pack

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to let your kids – especially teens – help pack when moving. It can even be an okay idea to let your littlest ones help pack certain things like stuffed animals. But for young kids, letting them help pack for a move can be problematic.

Instead of saving you time and stress, it can actually do the opposite. With little hands at work, packing will take much longer. It will also create a high risk of items being broken or your child being hurt.

For packing to be most efficient, keep your kids busy with other activities during this time.

For all your moving tips and tricks, click here.

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