Packing Tips for a Fast Move

Packing for a move is never fun. Not only does it take lots of sorting and organizing, but it’s also very time-consuming. So what do you do when you are only given a few days to have your entire home packed and ready for a move? Your first instinct will be to panic. Defeating thoughts like, “There’s no way!” will zip through your head at rapid speed. But wait just a second. Take a deep breath and tamp down the panic. When pressed for time and faced with such a laborious and time-consuming task, your first step is to take advantage of that time. Although time is not in your favor, there are ways to expand it in order to accomplish everything on your moving to-do list. Check out the fast packing tips below to learn how to pack for a move in just a few days.

Basic Tips for Quick Packing

As soon as you push aside that initial panic of having to move house in just a few days, you can focus on the task at hand – packing. And packing quickly. But how? Here are some proven packing tips to abide by when moving in a hurry:

Start immediately. When there’s a very limited amount of time until moving day, your best bet to get everything done in time is to start packing immediately. When every second counts, avoiding procrastination and other delays is the key to success.

Leave things behind. Packing is time-consuming, and the more belongings you have to pack, the longer the process will take. To save some much-needed time, limit the number of items you have to pack. Not only will time be saved, but money will, too, because your final moving cost will be lower.

Know what not to pack. Professional movers transport a lot of items. But there are some they do not. Before your movers show up, go ahead and get a list of the non-allowable items. This way you won’t waste time and supplies packing something you’ll be forced to leave behind.

Create a packing schedule. You may think that taking the time to create a packing schedule will only waste the limited time you have, but the opposite is actually true. By spending some extra time to create a detailed packing schedule, you will save time when you start packing. Instead of packing random items in a random manner, a detailed timeline will provide you with a reliable guide that will keep you focused, motivated and well-organized from start to finish.

Get enough packing supplies. It’s impossible to pack your belongings without the appropriate supplies. So when collecting your materials, be sure to get everything you need in one trip. This will eliminate wasted time by having to stop packing to go purchase more supplies.

Get help from family and friends. Moving is a huge job that requires a lot of helping hands. Packing for a move that’s just a few days away … well, that requires even more help. To ensure you meet your moving deadline, ask for assistance from family and friends. A bonus is that it will provide you with the opportunity to spend more time together before the move.

Detailed Tips for Quick Packing

Now that you know the basics of how to pack quickly, here are more details on how to shed even more time off your packing timeline.

Have everything ready. Before you even begin the process of packing up your home, it is a good idea to already have everything set up and ready. To do this, create a packing station. At your station, keep all items in one spot. This way, you won’t waste time running around hunting down supplies. Clutter will slow down your packing progress, so try and keep your station clean and organized to achieve optimal time.

Leave drawers full. When it’s time to pack items in dressers and chests, your initial instinct is probably to empty all drawers and cabinets. But doing this requires a lot of time emptying the drawers and cabinets, and organizing and packing all the content. Here’s a tip: Before opening a single drawer or cabinet, stop and leave everything as is. Leaving your drawers full will save a lot of time during a fast-paced move.

Just make sure:

  • The furniture piece is not too heavy to lift or carry when items are left inside;
  • There are no fragile items inside the furniture;
  • You use preventative measures tokeep items inside drawers safe – foam sheets, crumpled newspaper, etc.;
  • You secure all doors and/or drawers so they don’t open during transport.

Use rolling suitcases. If you own any rolling suitcases, put them to use while packing because they make the perfect place to hold a number of heavy belongings. One thing, for instance, is books. With their wheels and handle, you can easily transport your books without putting a strain on your back. It will also save some of your precious cardboard moving boxes so they can be used for other items.

Use resealable plastic bags. Organizing small items requires a great deal of time – time you can’t afford to spare when packing in a hurry. In order to save time and keep small items in one spot, resealable plastic bags are a great thing to have on hand.

Important Tip

When time is of the essence, you, of course, want to cut corners. But one task you should absolutely spend extra seconds on is labeling your moving boxes. This will help keep the packing process much more organized and will save you mountains of trouble post-move.

For all your must-known packing tips, click here.

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