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Whoever told you that moving locally or cross-country is a piece of cake, he is not your true friend. Perhaps packing for a winter break or a summer holiday is exciting and all about fun, doing the same for a relocation process to a new home is nothing like that! Nevertheless, relocation does not have to be intimidating and just because you have no idea how to organize the relocation process, it does not mean you should not do anything about it. People move quite often and you can find out so much about the relocation process via your own little research. In case you do not want to deal with any part of it, we suggest you get in touch with a professional moving company and reserve some of the best moving options. One of the leading Atherton Local and Long Distance Moving Companies is ready to make this relocation going at the required speed! ABC Movers are your first and last call!

We can start by breaking the relocation process into the following steps:

  • Planning and organization

  • Packing process

  • The shipping process

  • Unpacking and finally moving in

How can you organize something when you have no idea where you should start at all? As we already mentioned, let’s focus on the planning part. Planning is a lot more than just thinking how many days you need to manage the moving process and sticking to your moving list. If you are serious about moving either locally or cross-country, then you also need to predict the possible setbacks and unlikely events during the moving process. This won’t be easy but you have to have on your mind that your moving truck has to be modern and in good shape for a long drive. A flat tire is often an issue that customers experience. For such events, you need a backup solution. The good news is that ABC Movers think a couple of steps ahead and they will make sure these events don’t hinder the relocation.  

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Packing the entire household can be frustrating. With so many things on your mind, the least you want to think about is the moving supplies and where to get those. For items which are expensive, we suggest you get additional insurance or take them with you. It is unlikely that any  moving company will take care of your jewelry pieces during the relocation process. On the other hand, there are household goods which are best shipped in moving boxes without sharp objects around them. We can name a few, but those antiques surely have to be packed in plastic moving boxes. The moment you start packing, think if there are items which you no longer need. Why should you carry those and slow down the relocation process if you will eventually get rid of those?

Our moving company also offers specialized moving trucks which can take in your furniture, even the wooden pieces. Not everyone should have the privilege to take care of your goods, only a reputable and dependable moving company which has served many families in the past. You can also purchase some of our commercial  relocation options and move your business to whichever area or city you were planning. Let’s discuss some of the most important details over a phone call. There is so much that we need to catch up and there is no better way that by going through the moving process. You can simply schedule your relocation from Atherton whenever you wish by giving us a call or coming down to our offices. Choose what works best for you! When you are ready, get acquainted with the services of one of the best  Atherton Local and Long Distance Moving Companies. ABC Movers are waiting for you!


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