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Bryn Mawr (pronounced /?br?n?m??r/ from Welsh for "big hill"), formerly NahantRedlands Junction and West Redlands, is a formerly unincorporated community that was annexed by the city of Loma Linda in San Bernardino County, California, United States.


The community was originally named Nahant in the 1880s. It was renamed Redlands Junction after a Southern Pacific Railroaddepot was built in the town, accompanying the railroad through nearby San Timoteo Canyon. To avoid being confused with nearby Redlands, the name was replaced with Bryn Mawr and the depot added a post office in 1895. In the 1900s, the town was prosperous along with the local citrus industry, and four packing houses were built in the area. Before 1902, when the first packing house was built, the rail depot was used to pack citrus. Local amenities included a general store, blacksmith's shop, pool room,service station, market, restaurant and workers' cabins. The town slowly blended into nearby cities after the citrus industry was no longer an economic force in the area; a post office built in 1971 remains but the train depot was demolished. Parts of the town were incorporated into the city of Loma Linda when it incorporated in 1970, and the remaining area was controversially annexed by the city in 2008 at the suggestion of the county's Local Agency Formation Commission. The area is now mostly residentialsuburbia.

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