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Coyote, originally Burnett, is an unincorporated community in a narrowing of Santa Clara Valley astride Coyote Creek, between San Jose and Morgan Hill, in Santa Clara County, California. 

Once the site of the Seventeen Mile House a stagecoach station on the Butterfield Overland Mail, Coyote is notable for its historic Grange Hall, close to the Post Office and the Metcalf Energy Center. The town's name was changed from Burnett to Coyote because residents saw many coyotes in the area.The town nearly disappeared after U.S. Route 101 was rerouted as a freeway about one kilometer (0.6 mile) east of the town.The community was nearly absorbed by San Jose's urban sprawl, until collapse of the dot-com bubble canceled the city's plans. San Jose, however, still owns much of the land in the area after purchasing it prior to 2001.

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