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Reseda, California is a Los Angeles neighborhood that many people call home. However, many still find themselves relocating from the area for various reasons, such as family, job opportunities, education or personal wishes. Whatever reason you have for leaving the Reseda neighborhood, one thing is for sure, and that is the need for the services of a professional moving company to help you move. There are numerous Reseda local and long distance moving companies that can help you relocate, but getting a professional and reliable moving company is key for a great moving experience.

ABC Movers would like to show you that we are the ideal company to handle your move. We have been in the moving industry for over a decade, from 2007 to be exact, and have through the years gotten a good knowledge of the routes and rules that should be followed in the different cities and neighborhoods. We also have a lot of experience in all the activities and planning that a successful and efficient move should have. We are proud to say that we have gotten proficient in the art of moving and that we try our best with each client, as our reviews show. Many people have entrusted their belongings to us for their local or long distance move, and have not regretted the decision.


Professional moving services - ABC Movers

ABC Movers have a number of services at your disposal, all designed to make your relocation from the Reseda area as easy and efficient as possible. Our moves are carried out by trained and experienced professionals that have been with the company for some time. They follow our professional relocation procedures when handling any move. Check out what ABC Movers can offer you and see if we meet your standards and needs.



  • Local and long distance moves

  • Household moves (residential relocation)

  • Business moves (corporate relocation)

  • Professional packing services

  • Storage services

Local and long distance relocation - ABC Movers

Since 2007, ABC Movers have handled relocations from the Reseda area, whether in the state of California or to a different state. We have handled intrastate moves and long distance moves, so no matter the distance you need covered to get to your destination, rest assured that ABC Movers can get you there.

Household moves (residential relocation)

When we use the term residential relocation, we mean the process of relocating from your old home to a new home and it usually involves belongings with you. ABC Movers are well equipped to handle local and long distance (cross country, state to state) moves. The distance of your move will affect the level of preparation, planning and manpower that will go into your move, so let us know so we can start your move as soon as possible.


Corporate relocation

ABC Movers can also help relocating businesses, which is great news for business owners. Location is definitely a large factor in owning a business, so getting your business to the right place can definitely lead to increased growth and profits. You will be glad to know that ABC Movers offer our moving services to businesses as well. Our corporate moving service also covers local and long distance moves. We are one of the best Reseda local and long distance moving companies when it comes to relocating a business.


Professional packing services

Inexperienced packs can be costly, both in time and money. Many people are surprised by this, but it makes sense. Packing may appear easy, but it can backfire if not done well. ABC Movers are here to save you the stress of having to deal with the entire packing process on your own with our professional packing services.


Moving supplies

If you are not sure where to find the right moving supplies for your move in Reseda, ABC Movers can provide you with the right moving supplies and equipment. We will make sure that your belongings are properly packed and securely placed in the moving trucks for the move. We can provide a variety of moving supplies, such as moving boxes of all shapes and sizes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, etc. Once your belongings are packed, you can rest assured they will be delivered and unloaded by moving professionals.



Storage service

ABC Movers have excellent storage facilities. The storage facilities are spacious and secure, so you can be sure that your belongings will be safe there. Storage facilities come in handy if you happen upon some unplanned hiccups during your move and need items stored for the time being.

Contact ABC Movers to schedule and start your move from the Reseda. Call 800-771-0151 and start moving your home or business with one of the best Reseda local and long distance moving companies in the area.


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