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San Gregorio is an unincorporated community in San Mateo County, California, with a population of 214 people.

Named after Pope Gregory I (Saint Gregory the Great). San Gregorio was a booming town in the 1850s, when wealthy San Franciscans would travel to the San Gregorio House by stagecoach to enjoy fishing, hunting, sea bathing, and boat races.The building still stands, but is no longer a functioning hotel. In the nineteenth century, a Chinese community had lived along the creek which runs through San Gregoria, however the buildings of the former community were washed away due to heavy rains. The San Gregorio General Store has been operating since 1889. The original stagecoach stop stands across Highway 84 from the store.In 1915, the community was home to seven cheese factories.San Gregorio has been the site of several film locations and television show episode scenes.

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