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Zamora  is an unincorporated community in rural Yolo County, California.

The first known inhabitants were Native Americans of the Patwin (or Southern Wintun) tribe.Many towns sprang up in Yolo County between 1868 and 1888, including Zamora, which was previously known as Black's. Black's was on the railroad and was the pioneer home of J. J. Black, who located there in 1865.In 1875, the Northern Railway Company began extending the railroad from Woodland to Red Bluff.The coming of the Yolo County Consolidated Water Company's system in 1903 to Black's added much to the importance of the place and stimulated business. The new packing plant was finished that year, making the station a fruit center. In 1906 the name was changed to Zamora. According to a 1920 Yolo County map, Zamora was in the Black's District.

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