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Grayson is a city in Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States. The population was 2,666 at the 2010 census.

The first settlers came into an area that is now Grayson in 1820.The town of Grayson was founded in 1879 by James Patterson McConnell. He purchased 80 acres (320,000 m2) of land from his uncle Stephen Billue and that became part of the town.On April 5, 1881 McConnell built a building that consisted of the first post office and held other companies. J.D. Spence, a merchant and public figure in Lawrenceville, a nearby city, named the area “Trip” because it was a “trip” to McConnell’s country store. McConnell began clearing land and building homes to make the area more attractive. Trip was once called the Garden Spot of Gwinnett County. The first residences included the families of the Billues, McConnells, Jacobs, Carroll, Cates, Rawlins, Petty, Kennerly, Ford, Gower, Hawthrone, Cooper, Tribble, and Chandler.By the end of 1907, the town of Trip was an official incorporated town called Grayson.In 1951, natural gas and electricity began running through the area. Therefore, gas stoves came into peoples homes. According to Steven Starling, an official historian of the city of Grayson who contributed to “Historic Grayson, Georgia” wrote, “The Southern part of Gwinnett County was formed on either end of what is now considered Grayson. The New Hope, or Tribble's Mill, area and the Haynes Creek, or Midway Area, were thriving settlements in the early to middle nineteenth century. Prior to these settlements the Creek Indians has lived on this land.”

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