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Clarendon Hills is an affluent village in DuPage County, Illinois, United States. The population was 8,634 at the 2013 census.

Henry Middaugh began his journey as one of the founding fathers of Clarendon Hills when he came to Chicago in 1854. After growing tired of the city life, Middaugh sold his business interests in Cook County and headed west. Middaugh settled in an area eighteen miles west of Chicago in an area of DuPage County known at the time as West Hinsdale. In 1873, West Hinsdale officially became known as the village of Clarendon Hills, and Middaugh was one of its most wealthy inhabitants.When Middaugh moved west, he purchased 270 acres of land north of the recently established railroad. This purchase made him the principal owner of Clarendon Hills property north of the tracks. Initially, Middaugh used his land exclusively as a farm, but in 1891 he vacated the area between the railroad and what is now Chicago Avenue in preparation for construction of his residence, Middaugh Mansion. 

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