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Itasca – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
Itasca – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
Itasca – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
Itasca – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies


ABC Movers – Itasca local and long distance moving companies

Moving can be stressful unless you seek help from one of the best Itasca local and long distance moving companies. ABC Movers is a professional moving company that will relocate your personal property safely and on time. We understand that you want to receive a fantastic moving experience without paying top dollar for it, which is why our moving quotes are low. Once you choose the moving service that best suits your needs, we will take over. You could spend the day of your move knocking down some pins with your family and friends at Wood Dale Bowl because we will have everything covered.

We are among the top Itasca local and long distance moving companies because we have excellent employees. Anyone involved in your moving process is an experienced professional because we do not want to send amateurs to your doorstep. Our logistics experts will design a custom moving plan tailored to your needs and specifications. Your moving plan will prevent any mistake from occurring, and it will boost our efficiency. Our moving crew will only need to follow your moving plan to get the job done, and they will. You could relax by practicing your golf swing at Itasca Country Club because we will be on top of everything.  

Local and long distance moving

Are you moving within the city limits? ABC Movers is one of the leading Itasca local and long distance moving companies, and we are qualified to relocate your belongings within Itasca and beyond. You should consider seeking our help even if your new apartment is close to your old one because any move can prove to be complicated. If you are leaving Itasca, ABC Movers is at your disposal, and we will make sure that everything arrives intact at your new address.

Commercial and residential moving

ABC Movers knows all the tricks of the trade. Our workers are capable of moving anything, and they approach every relocation seriously. We will relocate your cumbersome office equipment with ease, and nothing will get damaged during transport. Your household belongings are more than just items because they bear many memories. For that reason, we will make sure that your personal property arrives unimpaired and on time at the house of your dreams.

Packing options

You do not have to pack anything because our moving crew can do it all instead of you. If you do not have enough time for everything, you can rely on our movers to pack your personal property carefully. Our workers know what they are doing, and they are available for hire if you need any help unpacking as well.

Packing supplies

We will provide you with moving boxes, duct tape, labels, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and other packing supplies. That means that you do not have to waste your time shopping. Our moving boxes are sturdy, and they come in all shapes and sizes because we want everything to fit in them. 


A secure storage facility is a commodity than only a few of Itasca local and long distance moving companies have, and ABC Movers is one of them. You can use our storage facility if you have to move out before your new home becomes accessible. We would store your belongings into one of our units, and we would deliver the goods at your new address once you gave us the signal.


ABC Movers has a moving insurance policy that protects your personal property. We do not make mistakes because our movers are always careful, but you can get our moving insurance if it helps you sleep better. In case of any inconvenience, we would adequately compensate you.


Our 24/7 customer support service will tell you all about ABC Movers. Our representatives are well-trained, and they will walk you through every step of your moving process. We will provide you with some moving tips that should make the whole situation less stressful. Once you sign with us, our representative will gather information from you, and we will start working on your moving plan.

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