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Lyons – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
Lyons – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
Lyons – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
Lyons – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies


  ABC Movers – Lyons local and long distance moving companies

Do you want to get a fantastic moving experience? ABC Movers is a professional moving company that will do it all instead of you. You do not have to spend top dollar on our outstanding moving service because our moving quotes are low. We will take care of everything, and you can spend the day of your move at the beautiful Brookfield Zoo because we will have everything under control.

It is not a coincidence that ABC Movers is one of the best Lyons local and long distance moving companies. We have a rigorous screening process because we do not want to send any amateurs to your doorstep. All recruits must have previous moving experience before they can even go through our training program. Because of that, our workforce consists of experienced and skilled professionals that know all the tricks of the trade.

Several teams will be involved in your moving process. Our logistics experts will create a custom moving plan for you, and it will help us be as efficient as possible. We will pay attention to the weather, traffic, parking space, elevator and staircase accessibility, and more because we do not want any delays. Our moving crew will carry out your moving plan with ease, and you can knock down some pins with your friends at AMF Forest Lanes.

Local and long distance moving

Being among the highest-ranking Lyons local and long distance moving companies means that ABC Movers is qualified to relocate your personal property to any location within the US. Even small relocations can prove to be challenging, which is why we suggest you seek our help. Moving out of Lyons and the state of Illinois is a great feat unless you sign with us. We will make sure that everything arrives intact and on time at your new address by using all of our resources and expertise.

Commercial and residential moving

Our movers are capable of moving almost anything, and they will make sure that your cumbersome office equipment does not get damaged during transport. Are you moving into the house of your dreams? ABC Movers would be honored to take care of your household items for you. We will treat your personal property as if it were our own because we know how much it means to you.

Packing options

You do not have to pack anything because our movers can do it for you. We understand that your time is valuable so it might be for the best to let us help you. Our workers know how to lay out your belongings and pack everything carefully. Also, our employees are available for hire if you need any help unpacking.

Packing supplies

We will provide you with moving boxes, duck tape, labels, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and more. You do not have to waste your time shopping for packing supplies because we can bring everything you will need to your address. All you have to do is tell us when you are at home, and our movers will deliver the goods to your location.


Our storage facility is secure, and we can put your personal property in it if you have to move out before your new home or office becomes accessible. Not many Lyons local and long distance moving companies have a storage facility, but ABC Movers does. We would deliver your possessions to your new address once you told us to do so.


Mistakes or accidents do not occur with ABC Movers, but you may get our moving insurance if it helps you sleep better. Our moving insurance policy covers everything, and we would compensate you in full if anything unexpected were to happen.


Our 24/7 customer support service is already waiting for your call, and our representatives will tell you all about ABC Movers. If you are not good at packing, our representative will provide you with some helpful moving tips. None of Lyons local and long distance moving companies can compete with us. Once you realize that, our representative will gather information from you, and your moving process will be on the way.   

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