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Shorewood is a village in Troy Township, Will County, Illinois, United States. The population was 7,686 at the 2000 census, and estimated to be 15,615 as of 2010.

Shorewood began as a small fishing and resort community. Albert H. Bruning purchased farmland from Richard and Anna Meyer in 1926. He subdivided the land and sold small lots along the DuPage River for summer cottages. Joliet and Chicago residents used the cottages as weekend retreats. Hammel Woods and the DuPage River provided beautiful and popular sites for fishing, swimming and picnics.The Village of Shorewood was previously known as Troy up until November 27, 1957 when the town was officially incorporated. The name West Troy was originally suggested by the first settler, Horace Haff, after he migrated there around 1830 from Troy, New York. At a meeting on April 22, 1957, the inhabitants of Troy decided to incorporate as a village, and on November 23, 1957, a vote was held. The necessary majority was reached with 99 out of 177 votes in favor of incorporation. However, a Troy, Illinois already existed over in Madison County, so the village was officially renamed Shorewood at that time.

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