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Barrington (pronounced /?b??r.??.t?n/) is a suburban, residential town in Bristol County, Rhode Island. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 16,310. Located approximately 7 miles (11 km) southeast of Providence, the town was founded by Congregationalist separatists from Swansea, Massachusetts.


The land that comprises modern-day Barrington was originally occupied by the Wampanoags, whose territory spannedNarragansett Bay through Cape Cod.Epidemics of disease brought by European colonists largely eliminated their coastal settlements; the Wampanoags' main settlement at the time of the Plymouth Colonists' arrival in 1620 was an area roughly corresponding to Bristol, Barrington and Warren. The Narragansett term for the area, Sowams, is usually used to refer to this area. In 1653, investors from Plymouth Colony bought "Sowams and Parts Adjacent" from the Wampanoags, a territory roughly corresponding to modern-day Barrington with portions of Bristol, Warren, and Swansea.Some areas in Barrington draw their name from the initial proprietors of this land, such as Prince's Hill, named for Thomas Prince. Thomas Willett, another early proprietor, was responsible for the establishment of a Baptist church at Nockum Hill.

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