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Boxborough is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 4,996 at the 2010 census. The town name is often simplified to "Boxboro" on highway signs and official documents.

The area which became the town of Boxborough was first inhabited by the Native Americans of the Nipmuc and Pennacook tribes.Boxborough was born from the remote areas of Stow, Littleton, and Harvard. A member of Middlesex County, Boxborough established a new county line between Middlesex and Worcester. In January 31, 1775, men of these outskirt-lands formed a “Sartain Society” which agreed to purchase the Harvard Old meeting-house to act as a town hall and a church.The people of Boxborough were denied registration to be an independent district three times before being accepted in 1782, then incorporated on February 25, 1783. At first, Boxborough didn’t send a representative to the General Court, instead continuing to help elect a representative from Stow.Besides the Blanchard family, several other early settlers of Boxborough were instrumental in its establishment as an independent district. John Wetherbee and his family built houses in what would become Boxborough as early as 1717, and some historians consider John the first settler of the area Silas Wetherbee, born a generation later, fought for a Stow company during the Revolution, and gave the land on which the new meeting-house and church was built after the war.

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