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Roxbury Crossing is an MBTA subway station on the Orange Line, located at 1400 Tremont Street in the Mission Hillneighborhood of Boston, on the location of a former commuter rail station of the same name. The current station opened in 1987 as part of the renovation and relocation of the southern Orange Line.


On 21 June 1831, the Boston and Providence Railroad was incorporated, and was chartered the next day to build a rail line between its two namesake cities; construction began in late 1832, and the B&P opened from Park Square to Canton in 1834, with intermediate stations at Readville and Roxbury Crossing (the remaining section of the B&P main line, from Canton toProvidence, opened the following year with the completion of the Canton Viaduct). Originally, the station (along with the entire B&P main line north of Readville) was at ground level, but, starting in 1891, the Old Colony Railroad (which had acquired the B&P in 1888, and was itself acquired in 1893 by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad) raised the section of its main line through Roxbury and Jamaica Plain (extending from Massachusetts Avenue to the current location ofForest Hills station) onto a 4-track stone embankment to eliminate dangerous grade crossings. The project involved the building of five new stations in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain; the existing stations at Roxbury Crossing, Jamaica Plain, andForest Hills were replaced with new elevated stations, while two additional commuter stations were built at Heath Street andBoylston Street. The new Roxbury Crossing station opened on 1 June 1897, along with the other four new stations.

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