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Dickerson is an Unincorporated community in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is located on Maryland Route 28, between Sugarloaf Mountain and the Potomac River. It is a community situated near the town ofPoolesville, Maryland. Dickerson is 61.5 square miles (159 km2).

Dickerson was officially founded in 1871. It was named after its first postmaster, William H. Dickerson, who served from 1873 to 1897. The earliest land grant known to have been given out in the land that is now Dickerson was granted to Arthur Nelson: he received 97 acres (390,000 m2) in 1739. Most of what is now considered Dickerson originally belonged to Nathan Hempstone.Before the Civil War, Dickerson was little more than a couple roads, a store, and a few houses. After the Civil War, the population began to rise more sharply. This was because after the Civil War, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company were able to continue their hunt for a route to place the Metropolitan Branch. Travelers wanted a way to travel west toward the capital and other places without having to go all the way to Baltimore first. They decided on a route that passed through Dickerson, and began construction. The railroad line going from Dickerson to Point of Rocks, MD was finished in the year 1871; the entire line was open for public use in 1873.The Monocacy Site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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