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Monroe is a town in Orange County, New York, United States. The population was 39,912 at the 2010 census. The town is named after President James Monroe.

The First Settlers to this land were American Indians from the Lenni-Lenape Indian nation.As white settlers started to move north the Lenni-Lenape nation was forced to move west, out of New York and New Jersey and into Pennsylvania, and later on into central North America, under the Treaty of Easton.In the early 1700s the lower Hudson Valley region was being mapped out to be divided up under the crown. On March 25, 1707, the "Chessecocks Patent was granted by Queen Anne".The patent confirmed deeds that had been previously acquired by purchase directly from the Lenni-Lenape Indian Nation. The Patent was given to seven people, six men and one woman".Many of the new settlers to come with the Cheesecocks Patent were Dutch, and English. The original name for the area on the Ramapo surveyed by General Washington's Geographer and Surveyor, Robert Erskine, was " Smith's Mill", described by Erskine as being "on a sudden bend of the Ramapo." This site still contains the ruins of the grist mill built in 1741 by David Smith, the first settler.The area was called Southfields prior to April 6, 1808,when it took its present name of Monroe.

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