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Palisades, formerly known as Sneden's Landing, (pronounced SNEE-dens) is a hamlet in theTown of Orangetown in Rockland County, New York, United States, located north of Rockleigh andAlpine, New Jersey; east of Tappan; south of Sparkill; and west of the Hudson River.

In 1685 Dr. George Lockhart purchased 3,410 acres along the west bank of the Hudson River which would become Palisades, NY. In the ensuing 20 years the land would change hands twice. By 1702 there were two houses with 14 people, eight being slaves.During this period the land was claimed by both New York and New Jersey. A king's commission settled the dispute in 1769 by drawing an official border between the two states. It placed Palisades just inside of New York. In the mid-19th century the Erie and Northern railroads arrived and drew off much of the transportation which had earlier depended upon river shipping. In 1855 the town's name officially became Palisades.By the 1870s railroad travel enabled wealthy New Yorkers to build seasonal homes in Palisades.

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