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Richmond Hill is a racially and culturally integrated urban neighborhood in southwestern Queens County, a borough of New York City.

The hill referred to as Richmond Hill is a moraine created by debris and rocks collected while glaciers advanced downNorth America. Later, the Battle of Long Island, one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War, was fought in 1776 along the ridge now in Forest Park, near what is now the golf course clubhouse. Protected by its thickly wooded area, American riflemen used guerrilla warfare tactics to attack and defeat the advancing Hessians.Richmond Hill's name was inspired either by a suburban town near London, England or by Edward Richmond, a landscape architect in the mid-19th century who designed much of the neighborhood. In 1868, a successful lawyer named Albon P. Man bought the Lefferts and Welling farms, and hired Richmond to lay out the community. Streets, schools, a church, and a railroad were built over the next decade, thus making the area one of the earliest residential communities on Long Island. The area is well known for its large-frame single-family houses, many of which have been preserved since the turn of the 20th century. Many of the Queen Anne Victorian homes of old Richmond Hill still stand in the area today. The area first became developed in the later decades of the 19th Century with the 1868 opening of theRichmond Hill railroad station at the intersection of Hillside Avenue and Babbage Street, on the Montauk railroad linebetween Long Island City and eastern Long Island.

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