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Berlin, a borough located approximately 75 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, Pennsylvania,United StatesThe population was 2,192 at the 2000 census.

Immigrants from Germany, especially, began settling the area before the American Revolutionary War, so the surrounding Brothersvalley Township was incorporated in 1771. Further settlement occurred by Revolutionary War veterans, so this borough was laid out in 1784 and formally incorporated on February 7, 1833.In June 1794, a riot occurred at the Berlin Schoolhouse during the Whiskey Rebellion. By September, Irish immigrant Robert Philson raised a liberty pole at his log store on the square and advised citizens to oppose U.S. laws. Federal troops arrived in October and the rebellion evaporated, with Philson and iterant preacherHerman Husband being taken to Philadelphia for trial (where they were acquitted). Governor Thomas Mifflinmade his headquarters in Dr. Christian Boerstler's house.Local attorney Jeremiah S. Black rose to become Justice of Pennsylvania (1851-1857, serving as Chief Justice from 1851-1853). After election of fellow Pennsylvanian James Buchanan as President of the United States, he began litigating fraudulent land claims in California as United States Attorney General and later served as Secretary of State.

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