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Local Moves Near You

ABC is about as local as a moving company gets – we’ve been in the moving business for over a decade, with tens of thousands of moves under our belts, across the US. For you kids out there, that means our drivers have maneuvered the streets of your city back when GPS tracking was out of reach for a thriving young moving company. That our movers have likely climbed every staircase and carried furniture across every driveway in your neighborhood. It’s the sort of experience there’s no shortcut to. Experience that makes all the difference when your worldly possessions are being moved from point A to point B.

Long Distance Moves

Shortly after getting our recognition as a staple American moving company, we set our sights on the next level of relocation – Long Distance Moving. With greater distances come greater responsibilities, and more detailed planning – luckily, it’s the greatest moving company stepping up to the task! With barcoded labeling of your carefully wrapped stuff, scanning your goods at checkpoints, and having a platform that supports the entire process, we’ve jumped over the one major thing that makes long distance moves more challenging than local ones – tracking and monitoring the whereabouts and conditions of every item that goes through our movers’ hands.

Commercial Moves

We understand the complexities of moving a business from one place to another. As opposed to moving a home, where you’re on your own time, and where leaving a few boxes unpacked for a few days is a luxury you can afford; doing a commercial move requires the utmost level of precision in timing, which, in the moving business, immediately presents additional challenges in planning. Every hour lost in that process is an hour lost in your company’s productivity. It goes without saying that there should be as few of those as possible. It also goes without saying that, you guessed it – we’re up to the challenge. The goal is to save you time and money. A healthy balance of: not too quick and reckless; but not to slow and costly.


Although most of our clients dislike this activity the most, since it’s nowhere near as exciting as moving to a new home, but it’s every bit as stressful; we have to admit that this one’s one of our favorites. Super easy access and very little walking makes for one quick move; which makes for happy clients in the end. The occasional surprise piano doesn’t help, but hey – no stairs to carry it up or down!

About ABC Movers

ABC is near you & always on the move.


You should accept no less when having your home relocated. From management, through sales and customer care, our crew foremen and their teams.


ABC Movers: work at a perfect balance of speed and care, making sure there’s no damage to your belongings while completing the move in the shortest amount of time possible.


Constant training, and constant hardware and software updates ensure your movers are equipped to tackle the challenges of the day at a pace and level.


Company has been in the moving business for over a decade, and will be in it for a long time. Leaving a trail of happy clients that grows bigger every day.

Don’t take our word for it though – go take a look!

Welcome Movers

The way we see it, the purpose of a moving company isn’t simply in the heavy lifting – you can get a couple friends and a pizza and knock it out in a day if that were the case, for the most part. A moving company’s prime objective should be to minimize the stress that inherently follows a moving process, and do all the basic stuff that goes with it, without compromising one for the other. It is a challenge from time to time, but it’s a challenge we enjoy taking on, for our clients.



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