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Kemah is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, southeast of Houston along west Galveston Bay. The city's population is 3,334.

The land, measuring approximately 177 acres, was the basis for a town that would be called Kemah. This land was granted to one of the first colonists who was a farmer and stockraiser, Michael Gouldrich, on August 24, 1824. Gouldrich’s land was located near Clear Creek and Galveston Bay.However, after Gouldrich disappeared, William Vince from Harris County acquired Gouldrich’s Clear Creek land. On May 28, 1844, there was a petition to sell the land to pay off debts. Soon after, the land was appraised for $2 an acre and sold to Jonathan D. Waters. He bought the Clear Creek land on July 2, 1844, for $354.After October 1850, Waters sold ten acres of the Clear Creek property to various people, but Henry Kipp eventually owned the land. During the 1890s, the Bradford and Kipp families moved to the area and portioned off the land into town lots in 1898, thus establishing the town known as Evergreen. It was located along the Texas and New Orleans Railroad, and the area was also called Shell Siding for the oyster shell middens lining the bay.After the 1900 Galveston hurricane, the majority of the towns around Galveston Bay were destroyed, the Kipp and Bradford families were forced to evacuate but later move back to Evergreen in 1901. They rebuilt and restored the town, making two-story homes with porches for themselves on 10th street. In order for there to be a post office in the town, the name had to be changed because there was already a town called Evergreen. The name “Kemah” was chosen with the Karankawa Indian word meaning “wind in my face”.In 1907, John H. Kipp, Sr established a post office in the newly named town of Kemah.

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