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The Colony  Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
The Colony  Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
The Colony  Local and Long Distance Moving Companies
The Colony  Local and Long Distance Moving Companies


Deciding to move is one part of the moving process. Before you are ready to go any further, you should decide which one of The Colony local and long distance moving companies you want helping you through the process. ABC Movers is just the right moving company for you. We are offering you a full set of resources and services of our highly skilled moving specialists. With over a decade of experience, we are well equipped to take care of any part of the moving process. We can expect almost everything that can happen during your relocation, and the things we can’t predict, we are more than capable of handling on the fly. The moving packages you can select from are fully customizable, allowing you to create a moving experience that will combine services you actually need.


You can be moving to a bigger house or a nicer neighborhood. When you are making a cross-town move, you need someone who can be efficient and reliable. The fact that you are not going to travel for too long doesn’t minimize the moving process of a local relocation. Here at ABC Movers, we have a system where your every need will be addressed, creating the best possible moving experience. Our moving specialists are there to help you at every stage of the moving process. If you are looking for some moving tips and advice that is exactly what you’ll get from our representatives. On the other hand, if you need all-out planning, you can count on ABC Movers to adequately prepare you for your relocation. Before we are ready to move, we need to take care of packing. This tedious task would usually fall on you, but you can now let our moving professionals do the packing for you and you just sit back and relax.


You may be leaving The Colony in pursuit of new opportunities, or you’re coming here to get a slice of your own heaven. Regardless of where you’re going or where you’ve come from, ABC Movers are spread all over the US, making any cross-country relocation possible. We apply the same dedicated approach we do with our local relocations, and we do that because of our focus which never changes. We always stay committed to meeting your requests and making your move easier. If you are looking to move cross-country, but you would prefer not to drive, our auto shipping is the perfect option to make your transition that much easier. When it comes to needing a quick transition, our overnight shipping is available for most long-distance relocations.


Moving your business requires a unique approach by a moving company that is a leader among The Colony local and long distance moving companies. ABC Movers specializes in commercial relocations and our commercial division moving specialists will help you carry out your move with the minimal loss of time, preserving your productivity in the process. Our moving experts are always available for consultation, and we’ll be able to execute your office relocation even at short notice.


We concern ourselves with how much time the moving process will take and how can we best prepare for this transition, but we often overlook the need for storage. ABC Movers did not ignore this part of the moving process, so we made sure to offer many different storage options for both commercial and residential use. We guarantee you’ll find a perfect choice for your moving package.

ABC Movers are not like the rest of The Colony local and long distance moving companies. We care about our results and our client even after the job is done. We always want to make sure that once we are through with our task, you are left with a great starting point. You can then be ready for all the amazing things that await you once you open up that new chapter.

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