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Woodbine is an unincorporated rural community located in Howard and Carroll counties, in the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area. The unincorporated community was named for the plant, which grew in the community in fields and along riverbanks.  

During the Civil War, Confederate cavalry crossed the Patapsco River at Woodbine and at Hoods Mill, just a few miles east on the river and the B&O Railroad, scouting the Union Army that was on its way to the Battle of Gettysburg. The main road at that time ran just west of the existing road and up the west side of a creek that runs south and that joins with the Patapsco River just 50 yards west of the existing road. That original road, now partly unused, runs north 100 yards from the river and then Eastward (Gum Road) to join up with the existing road today. There was no bridge across the Patapsco River at that time, just a ford in the river. The town straddles the Patapsco River both North (into Carroll County) and South (into Howard County). A new concrete bridge was constructed between 1916 and 1917. In the 1920s and 1930s the town had a large canning factory on the Carroll County side of the river . There was another small canning factory, from the turn of the century, run by water power West of Woodbine at the foot of New Port Hill. Remains of the factory still exist and the sluice where water (from Gillis Falls Run) came to run the machinery is still visible in the wooded area below New Port Hill leading north to the dam, no longer existing.

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